ADHARANA ("ADHARANA" is translated as "COMFORT" in English from our Telugu Language) is an Social and Non-Profit organization formed by 7 men with the same ambition and dedication to help and support the needy and down trodden, neglected. Witnessing the troubles of widows, old aged people, poor, needy, small children without proper medication and nutrition, youth suffering from lack of resouces, when disasters strike without warning multitudes suffering from lack of supplies inspired us to provide the support to the needy in times of need through our Team which was named  after the tidal wave disaster took place in Diviseema, Andhra Pradesh in 1977 as ADHARANA.

All the team members belongs to the andhra pradesh South India. When world widely knows a tidal wave came in 1977 and badly damaged DIVISEEMA AREA in Krishna District and Andhrapradesh, India. more than 30,000 people died, numerous injured and multitudes became homless 94 villages fully damaged.On that time the local area some of the pastors and social workers came together and started social service in that area.  

we are a team conststing of 7 members irrespect of caste and religion and sex, with the zeal of  social activity running in this diviseema area. it is a coastal belt and comes under Disasterous zone for natural calamities like cyclones and heavy rains and tusnami etc., all these villages are topographed at sea costal villages, very nearby to the sea coast Bay of Bengal. This geographical location of these villages are hereby being victims of the natural calamities very frequently. 

we are well experienced in operating social acitivites in these afflicted areas. particularly to conduct need based survey, identify the needy people as well as communities, fishery groups, we are mainly focused on downtrodden people especially financially torn. we have already conducted low sanitation and housing construction, Free Medical & Health Checkup camps, relief and rehabiltation acitivities, Food and drinking water supply, rice and blankets free distribution, Supported the victims of the natural disasters with immediate financial assurance and fund donations for their livelihood. 

With the experience and zeal to help and support the poor, we all together as a team, we registered ADHARANA as a Society as per the Societies Act of India, by our Government of INDIA, in the year 2005. 

ADHARANA  is also appriciated by the then district Collector's and other Govenment officials as well as the other public for its Help and Support to the afflicted hopeless poeple in the times of natural disasters. ADHARANA is always having a good rapport with the local Governemnt officials and authorities for its services. 


Our Vision is to help and support the needy and poor people and poor communities and economically backward people, irrespective of caste, religion, age and sex.


ADHARANA's Mission to work and support the poor in Andhra Pradesh. 

ADHARANA is to operate for the purpose of Support and Help to the poor and needy in and around the vicinity of Andhra Pradesh in the forms of various activities. 

ADHARANA established its Mission Centers and to Conducts various Rural Welfare Programs to the down trodden people in the rural parts in the vicinity of our Mission Centers. 


ADHARANA's is planning to expand our services to 50 more villages in the sea costal region of our Area.

Planning to build free shelter homes in Rural villages.

Construction and mantaining Orphan Homes

Upgrading existing Orphan Homes with another upper floor for extra rooms.

Home for the Aged / Elders

Training and Empowerment for the rural women  

Nutritional supplies to the small children 

Stationary support for the low economical students

Support for our Peace workers welfare

Free Medical camps

Free Health Check ups

Clothes and blankets distribution

More Health Awareness programmes

To provide financial aid to build and repair their fishing boats, tatched houses, fishing nets and equipment.

To asssit and provide financial support for Income Generation Programmes for individuals.

Love your Neighbour