ADHARANA (Action for Development of Human and Rural Neglected Areas) is a non-profit non-Government registered organization founded in 2005/296, which is open to all sections of the society..

Our Organization  Leagal status:

SOC. Reg No.269/2005.and also registered

Registered NGO Darphan NO.A.P/2017/0177525.


Vision: To work in the field of education, economy and social welfare.

Mission: A commitment to strive for the noble task of bringing social, Educational and economic Development of the treble    and weaker Section of the society and to work for peace justice, values and communal humanity.



ADHARANA  is totally dedicated to give hope to the hopeless and transforms the lives. Also personal commitment by the co-workers helps in building long lasting relationship with the organization, sponsors’ and the community which brings in valid impact.

Our Aims  of  the project  is  

1. Support charitable activities or individuals, group and organization, especially those who deal with poor and needy as directly as possible.

2. To educate the deserving poor and needy persons. 

3. To grant student aid and scholarship to deserving persons. 

4. To start and help social and community activities.

which works for  rural poor . especially this organization works for orphan kids and widows and aged people.

Now  We care for them and give shelter and clothing and food,education Orphan kids are around 18 member's.

I would request you that support us for giving clothes and for feeding all the children and widows and who participates in that program.please help if any gift kind this program.






Challapalli-521126, Krishna District, Andhara pradash, India




February 9, 2019

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Challapalli-521126, Krishna District, Andhara pradash, India

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